Repurpose Catalog Photograhpy Assets into a Compelling Lookbook

Challenge: Strengthen the relationship with customers by creating additional touchpoints using existing catalog assets.

Rationale: Retailers make a significant investment in their catalog. Photography is a dominant component. While photography is frequently added to their website, it often falls short of its full potential.

Strategy: Launching a lookbook opens up new opportunities to create a more dramatic and visually impactful customer experience as it extends the value of photography above and beyond the life of the catalog.

Wide Appeal: Here a cropped catalog shot, photographed in Peru’s Andes mountain range, gains panoramic importance as part of an online apparel presentation.

Unlimited Possibilities: Whether the intent is to delve deeper into a particular merchandise assortment, drive additional sales by increasing exposure of best sellers or creating a vehicle to strengthen brand identity in the marketplace—even an alternate shot can take on a valuable life of its own.

Tour de Force: Take a thumbnail view of the complete lookbook. Every shot increases in prominence to make a lasting impression.


These are just some of the roles a lookbook can play in your overall marketing strategy.

  • Showcase merchandise assortment in a more dramatic, inspirational context
  • Provide more depth to a particular merchandise category or name brand
  • Increase exposure to best sellers
  • Provide more depth in a particular merchandise category
  • Create impromptu sales events
  • Focus on merchandise details; provide alternate views

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