What is a lookbook?

A lookbook is usually thought of as a compilation of fashion imagery to introduce a designer’s new line. At Core 3, we are developing the Lookbook further to create an impactful, visual presentation of your merchandise. The Lookbook can repurpose catalog and web images in a powerful and economical way, which will extend your brand into additional channels and added frequency to your customer.

Compliment printed catalogs

Repurpose your catalog photography into a series of impactful visual presentations that are not limited # of pages, printing and mailing cost or frequency of distribution. Imagery can be enhanced in a way that provides an entirely new way of presenting your merchandise.

Add visual interest to your site

For ecommerce sites that don’t mail catalogs, lookbooks are a great way to bring more visual interest to your site. A well designed lookbook can be easily embedded into your site without elaborate coding or the limitations of the typical product content template.

Innovator of Lookbook technology

Through our affiliate, Zappalog, we have developed a software platform that makes it extremely easy to implement lookbooks online and integrate them with your site. We use our lookbook technology to display photography and other portfolios on our site. This technology easily converts pdf’s of catalogs, lookbooks and portfolios that can be embedded into a site using an iframe and all products can be linked to the selling url on your site. We designed our platform to be easy to use, easy to modify and provide a clean, uncluttered view of your presentation. Our goal is to replicate and enhance the experience of a browsing a catalog and introduce your customer to a new way of viewing merchandise using lookbooks.

If you’ve been searching for a cost-effecitve way to create and implement impactful visual presentations of your product, please contact us to learn more and set-up a demo.

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